Our Expertise

We help brands (in luxury, fashion and sports fields) to innovate in their collections, by integrating embedded, useful high technologies in an elegant way.

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For years, Tech represents a significant trend in our daily life. Customers are becoming more and more connected and nomadic, and useful functionalities are key to supporting them in their everyday life.

Brands now have the opportunity to use innovation to get closer to their customers' needs, reach new markets, offer unique products, or even amaze and create a surprise.

Our services

We put our experience and expertise into helping the brands integrate the technological advances of today into their collections. From the strategic perspective to the industrial production.

Use Case Analysis ↓

Connecting simply to connect is useless. We analyse the behaviors of your customers or target customers in order to develop the most relevant solutions that would meet their requirements.

Feasibility Studies ↓

Once the idea has been validated, we research the available technological opportunities (or invent them) in order to provide you with a development timeline at an affordable budget dealing with your objectives.

Design ↓

Our mechanical designers will be working with your design teams to offer you elegant tailor-made integration solutions, that are discrete and adapted to your production lines.

Proof of concept ↓

Once the initial prototype is finished, this enables us to test and validate each technical aspect and stabilize the selection of electronic components and the impact on the developed system.

Industrial prototype ↓

The final phase of conception is design meeting technology in order to validate the final aesthetic as well as the general characteristics.

Production optimization ↓

We accompany you through production, depending on volumes and desired costs per unit, with our partners. We can purchase/resell or put you in touch with the right contact to optimize production lines.

Certifications ↓

Our range of partners specialized in electronic certification can help you have compliant solutions for worldwide distribution.

Intellectual property ↓

Protecting your creations is critical. Our intellectual property lawyers will provide you with the best advice according to your budget and ambitions.

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Practical cases

To get a better understanding of the infinite possible combinations between fashion and new technologies, here are some examples of the technologies that we master perfectly.


A multi-disciplinary team of passionate experts.

Adrien Deslous-Paoli


Yoann Boudou


Nozima Alieva

Commercial Director

Cyril Bertrand

Art Director

Lucas Besomi

Hardware Prototypist

Jules Dao

Marketing Manager

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